Twitter Parties

Twitter Parties are a great way to interact with your fans and keep the discussion going
on another social media outlet. These parties are fast-paced, fun and allow your fans the
opportunity to get together and chat about your book. Twitter Parties also build your Twitter                                                      following and announce new things you might be working on.

Price: $75 for a 1 hour Party

   $250 for 3 1/2 hour Party
Author provides all prizes given during the party.

How It Works:

We will choose a date and time to host your party and assign a hashtag to the event for
tracking purposes.
We will take care of all party promotion and RSVPs.
Questions will be made based upon the party theme to gauge interaction.
We will host the party and make it a fun experience for your fans.
We will randomly select participating winners throughout the event and take care of
getting you their information for prize fulfillment.

We hope that you consider adding this to your book tour packages to keep the conversation
going and extend your social media reach!

To book yours today, please email