Without Wings: Gambling on a Soul by Thomas Joseph Beck

J.J. Dunleavy is a family man and owner of Mom's Place Diner in Delray Beach, Florida. J.J. is a church going man as well as 'Little League" baseball coach. Everything in his life is moving along smoothly. J.J. had his two best friends working along … [Continue reading]

Brushed by Fate by Laura DeLuca

New Release - Brushed by Fate by Laura DeLuca Elisa Manna gave up on romance after a string of abusive relationships. She comes off as a brusque biker, but beneath her rough exterior she longs for something more. Scott Heron is a Marine veteran … [Continue reading]

Free & 99c Books with a Contest

Looking for some goodreads? Check out the books below, there are on sale until May 5th! Also enter to win a $25 Amazon GC and a Kindle Fire Cover. Grab This book for Free! Grab these books for 99c for a limited time! Enter to win a $25 Amazon … [Continue reading]

The Devil is in the Details (The Broken Halos series Book 1)

New Release - The Devil is in the Details (The Broken Halos series Book 1) on sale for 99c for a limited time Nothing can brighten up a day like hunting demons...OR...like opening up the portal to Hell! Helena lived her life with a rigid sense … [Continue reading]

Cover Reveal and Pre-order Speak of the Devil by Maya Daniels

Speak of the Devil (The Broken Halos series Book 2) She was his to protect, but they stole her away... Eric spent centuries trying to protect his kind while trying to stay as far away from the Order as possible. When one of the founders gave … [Continue reading]

Mystery twisted with YA Romance by Sara J. Bernhardt

Mystery twisted with YA Romance by Sara J. Bernhardt BRAND NEW completed series. Running from a painful loss, Jane Callahan fled to Oregon and met an unusual boy named Aidan Summers; but his ghastly secret could destroy… … [Continue reading]

The First Secret (Hidden Portals trilogy Book 2) Cover Reveal and pre-order

The First Secret (Hidden Portals trilogy Book 2) Some secrets are best left buried. All Iris ever wanted was to have a peaceful life. Living mostly in solitude, she found joy in helping young girls accept the beauty of song and dance. She … [Continue reading]

New Release and Sale – A Nephilim Thriller series

  A former spy with a dark secret and a past he can’t outrun. A mysterious cult that steals beautiful teenagers. A looming battle between the forces of light and dark, and the girl who drags them into the middle of it all. D. Donovan, … [Continue reading]

Submerged by Pauline Creeden FREE March 27 – 31

  Submerged by Pauline Creeden Mermaids can be cruel creatures. I couldn’t stop them from hurting her, but I couldn’t let them destroy her, no matter what they did to me. The moment I heard the bottom feeder had been chosen for the … [Continue reading]

Lost along the Way – Love & Found Series Olivia Hardin

Find love at Simoneaux Bayou, where the romance is just as spicy as the food. Grab your copy here and enter to win--------> HERE Olivia Hardin's Lost Along the Way (Love & Found Book 2) releases today!: Blurb: Can coming home be a second … [Continue reading]