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About the Book – Kitchen Witch Wars and the Chopped Up Chef

“How would you like to be a TV star?” 

That’s the question going out across the netherworld airwaves, and every type of spooky creature who fancies themselves a chef is responding. It’s also the question proposed to fledging witch Christelle Seabright after successfully cooking up a deluge of unearthly recipes for a unique funeral catering job.

Christelle suddenly finds herself the host of Kitchen Witch Wars, the frightfully hot new paranormal cooking contest show. $100,000 is on the line. But there’s a problem. One of the first-season contestants is found chopped up, as if an ingredient in their own dish.

Christelle and the other judges must now use all their cryptic resources, including Christelle’s still-unperfected magical abilities, to flesh out the murderer in order to save the show. Which of the ghoulish contestants is responsible? Does the mysterious apparition that keeps trying to contact Christelle have any connection?

Pull up a kitchen stool and sink your eyeteeth into Heather Pherris’s new cadaverous whodunit. But watch yourself. In the race to become the first Kitchen Witch Wars winner, murder is an ingredient no chef seems afraid to use.

Grab Kitchen Wars and the Chopped up Chef for only $.99! The entire series is also available in Kindle Unlimited!


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