Reaper Revealed: Reaper Trials-Semester One by L.E. Perez and Mia Ellas


Reaper Revealed: Reaper Trials-Semester One

Surrounded by death, one young woman must learn to wield it or succumb to it.

There was a time, not long ago, when I heard the word reaper and thought of skeletal beasts shrouded in hooded cloaks who tormented people with their soul-sucking sickles.
Now, they are the mean girls I pass in the halls at L’Academie L’Mort, and the insanely hot guy with perfect hair I’m told I will be working with. Oh, and after graduation, it turns out I’ll be one, too.

Confused? Join the club. The line forms behind me.

I was living the normal life of a sixteen-year-old just days ago. I loved martial arts and playing my cello. Then, I found myself ripped from everything I knew and summoned to a University in a parallel paranormal universe.
How am I adjusting? My only friend is a squirrel, and something is out to get me. Not what you would call a stellar start. I’m meant to train and ready myself for the Reaper Trials. But as whoever—or whatever—is hunting me closes in, I begin to fear I’m the one that won’t make it out of Death Academy alive.

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  1. Bridget says:

    This is exciting. The book sounds like a fun read.

  2. Lynn Brown says:

    I love a good paranormal story. The cover is pretty and the book sounds good. Thanks for the chance.

  3. Mary Brannian says:

    Thank you for the chance!