Lynda Haviland’s Birthday Celebration

Abandoned by humans. Bullied by fae. Hunted by hell’s army.

Harley believes she is a freak of nature—part fae, part human, and a vessel for a demon parasite. Abandoned by her human family and bullied by fae clans, she finds acceptance in a home with an aging fae drag queen in his New Orleans burlesque club. She’s happy in her sheltered world where it’s easy to keep her inner demon at bay.

Until the day the fae hunter arrives with hell’s army.

Harley’s only chance of survival is getting to the one fae sanctuary left on Earth. But the refuge might not be paradise after all. Will they accept a half-breed like her? Or will they hand her over to the fae hunter she’s brought to their doorstep? Worse yet, the hunter has a weapon capable of destroying the sanctuary itself.

Dare she let the demon out to save herself—to save the last fae sanctuary?

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  1. Dale Wilken says:

    Happy Birthday great book.

  2. RobinBeth Faulkner says:

    Hi, my birthday is also coming up in June, I’ll be 62 and was hoping for a large party. I don’t think that’s going to happen now and having one sometime down the road just doesn’t feel right.
    I just hope that for my birthday everyone gets enough to eat and stays well and this virus burns itself out with no repeats.

  3. Tannie Lowe says:

    Thank you for this chance to win!