Get Mad Get Sober

Get Mad, Get SoberĀ 

A brilliant self-examination of a journey back to sobriety. A handbook for anyone suffering from an addiction. Get mad! Take care of yourself! And here’s how.

Available on Amazon and in Kindle Unlimited

Renee Estrada is a Colorado native who is extremely proud of her background. The thing she loves most about Colorado are its beautiful skies. She debuts with her first book, Get Mad Get Sober, which she wrote after conquering her addiction to alcohol.

Renee is proud of her sobriety and wants to help others on their own personal journey. Renee is a daughter, mother, grandmother and sister who prides herself on the importance of family. She believes, and wants others to believe, that it is never too late to make a better version of yourself.

?She is coming up on a year sober and wants others to experience the feeling of freeing themselves of demons that addict them.


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