A Painting to Die For Book 3 Jenna Scali Mystery Series by Joan C. Curtis

A Painting to Die For

Book 3 Jenna Scali Mystery Series

Jenna’s quiet weekend turns upside down when her house is ransacked and a body is found with her name and number in its possession. Meanwhile her long-lost cousins show up with stories about international art theft dating back to World War II.

While Jenna questions the motives of her dead father in his connection to stolen art, the police find a second body with Jenna’s name in its possession and she becomes the primary link in two murder inquiries. Sidestepping the police and dodging the mob, she and her best friend, Quentin, embark on their own investigation to save themselves and Jenna’s cousins from untimely deaths.


Offset by the quiet university town where faculty and students mill about, minding their own business, Jenna is kidnapped and held at gunpoint while her double-crossing, lying cousins chase after the missing painting worth millions.


A Painting to Die For forms a web of deceit that leaves Jenna doubting everything she believes about her father and his Italian heritage.

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Dr. Joan Curtis is an award winning writer who has published 8 books and numerous stories.

The e-Murderer: Book 1 Jenna Scali mystery series won the GOLD in the Global eBook Awards for 2016 for Mystery.

The Clock Strikes Midnight has won three major awards. FINALIST in the prestigious Eric Hoffer Book Awards 2016, FIRST PLACE Royal Palm Literary Award for mainstream/literary 2015 and the Silver in the Global eBook Awards for 2015 for Fiction/Suspense

Murder on Moonshine Hill won the SILVER in the Global eBook Awards for 2017 Mystery and the BRONZE 2017 for Southern fiction Reader’s Favorite.

Interview –

Try to describe your book in one sentence.

A Painting to Die For forms a web of deceit that leaves Jenna doubting everything she believes about her father and his Italian heritage

Where would you live if you could live anywhere in the world?

I would live in Italy. It’s one of my favorite places to visit. Over the last few years I’ve learned the language. I had hoped that Jenna and Quentin would make a trip to Italy in A Painting to Die For, but alas, they didn’t. That will have to happen in another book!

State a random fact about yourself that would surprise your readers.

I’m a very open person. Most of my readers know a lot about me after reading my books. One random, possibly unknown fact about me relates to my crazy Italian, father (who drives Jenna nuts in my latest release). He married my mom secretly—divorcing his first wife by putting an ad in the NY Times. He proceeded to pretend to still be married by going to special events and birthdays. He kept up the pretense for most of his life. No wonder he died of a heart attack in his fifties!

If you wouldn’t be a writer, what you would be?

If I wasn’t a writer, I’d love to be an actor. The thrill of creating different personalities is something I enjoy in writing and my guess is I’d enjoy on the stage. But, I’ll save that dream for another life.

Who is your favorite character in your new release?

My favorite character continues to be Quentin. He has such pizazz. He comes up with the coolest things to say. At some point I’m going to write a story from his point-of-view. That’s next on my agenda.

Are you a plotter or a pantzer?

I’m clearly a pantser writer. I tried to outline but characters appeared, story lines emerged, and the outline became superfluous. Writing as a pantser makes editing a nightmare, but I’d rather experience that nightmare than restrict myself to an outline. BTW, I did use outlines while writing the 4 nonfiction, business books I published. But, that’s a very different kind of writing. Fiction writing for me has to be free.

Did you do any research before start or during of the writing of the books?

I researched the life of Caravaggio before writing this book. I also researched the looting that happened during World War II in Italy and the current state of the Mafia in Italy.

What book is currently on your nightstand?

I’m reading Ann Patchett’s The Patron Saint of Liars. And, I’m loving it. I enjoyed Patchett’s Bel Canto. She writes character driven books with a lot of emotion. That’s the kind of book I like to read.

Where can your fans find you ?

Readers can find me at my website http://www.joancurtis.com There they can order all my books and even download the first chapter from each of my books. They can also find me on most of the social media sites (Facebook, Twitter) and I have an Amazon Author page. I would love to interact with my readers. When they tweet me or post on Facebook, I always respond.

If I give you a time machine, what time period and in what place would you travel to?

I love the 19 Century period pieces on Masterpiece Theatre. So, perhaps going back to that period with all the neat clothes and servants would be fun, but I’d have to be wealthy. I don’t want to live in the slums of England in the 1800’s. That would be too dismal.

Are you reading or writing something else at the moment?

I’m working on a stand-alone suspense mystery now. It is full of different characters and is totally different from what I’ve already written. At first it was a detective mystery, but one of my Beta readers suggested I remove the detective’s point of view and write the book from the points of view of the main protagonists. That was a challenge I’m still struggling with.

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  2. Congratulations, Joan! I wish you and “A Painting to Die For” fantastic success. ? ?