The Simple Soul of Susan

“Simple is as simple loves.”

Susan Combs had long ago found the love of her life. The only problem was the other party still didn’t know he had been found. 

Every day Susan saw Calder Hurtz, her next door neighbor and childhood best friend. They always enjoyed the short drive to school down the dusty streets of their small Texas town. She was happy in those perfect moments, for her life at home was most imperfect. The challenging homestead she inhabited was also the favorite subject of local gossip.

But one autumn day she overhears two boys having a conversation. This occasion of accidental audience sets Susan’s life on an unforeseen path. In the seasons to come, her future will be changed by two hospitalizations, two confessions of love, and one betrayal.

Compulsively readable, The Simple Soul of Susan is an engaging, soul-endearing romance and a mesmerizing debut.

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Born and raised in a small Texas town, Noel Branham started her career
in digital communications after graduating with a degree in English. An
award winning communicator, she now writes from her home in Florida about
things closest to the heart: home, family, and love. Her debut novel will
be published Fall 2017.


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Interview with Noel Branham

Q: Describe your book in one sentence. 

A: Loser girl-next-door falls in love with long time best friend A.K.A. town flirt but she is sensible enough to stay away… hopefully.


Q: Do you write at a laptop/desktop or do you write freehand? 

A: IPhone. With a toddler running around I don’t always have time to bust out my laptop and wait for it to turn on when I need to write something down. Ideas come to me in short bursts and so I write a little through the day in the beginning. Towards the end of a project I schedule time to sit down and seriously write. 


Q: Who is your favorite character? 

A: My favorite characters to write were the little old ladies at the nursing home… who (spoilers) eventually leak about Susan’s crush on her best friend, Calder… to Calder himself. I like them because most people in the world don’t take little old ladies in the nursing home seriously, but Susan in her kind hearted-fashion does. It’s because Susan is kind to them that she and the person she ends up with are together. Kindness counts! 



Q: Where did you get your inspiration? 

A: I was horribly homesick for Texas. It was the first snow in Missouri and I couldn’t help but feel this unbearable longing for the snowless hill country at home. So I wrote about it and put my heart into it. That way I could take home with me wherever I went… because home is where the heart is. 


Q: Do you have an all-time favorite book?

A: Pride and Prejudice of course! The ultimate smart-but-loser-girl falls in love with the handsome-rich-guy.  It really can’t get any better than this Jane Austen classic. 


Q: Do you prefer Twitter or Facebook?

A: Instagram! I know, I know. Instagram isn’t a platform that conforms to the word heavy sentence-focused worlds of Twitter and Facebook. But words are ultimately what we use to paint a picture for others… and since pictures are worth a thousand of them you can find me on Instagram. 🙂


 Q: Vampires or werewolves?

A: Vampires. Vampires are really just misunderstood, I think we need to stop the stereotypes and start seeing them as regular people. Not ALL vampires are out to kill you. They bleed red. Lead may be their weakness, but the Greeks all died of lead poisoning as well. Garlic is repulsive to a vast number of the population. I hope you take away from this little rant that Vampires are people too and need to be treated as such (…and not that the ancient Greeks were all vampires.) 😉


Q: What projects are you working on right now?

A: I have about five manuscripts in the works. Two of them can be seen as associated with The Simple Soul of Susan, but definitely can stand on their own. In them we explore the relationship of Calder’s parents and eventually his son’s relationships. 


Thanks for having me! Reach out on Instagram for more updates! 

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  1. […] “Simple is as simple loves.” […]

  2. […] “Simple is as simple loves.” […]