Manual for the Soul: A Beginner’s Guide: Awaken to Your Enlightenment in Millennium 2.1

cover2Re-defining Enlightenment for a Rapidly Evolving World:
Practical Steps to Self-Discovery

The world as we know it is being redefined by science, technology, and worldwide connection through the Internet. So, too, is it a time to redefine concepts like spirituality and enlightenment, making them more accessible to the Millennial generation whose time has come to take center stage and lead the next wave of human evolution. In these days of unprecedented student debt, market crashes, stagnant politics, and a chaotic global economy, a new age of enlightenment is needed. Written from the perspective of those born from the early 1980’s through the year 2000, but addressing seekers across all generations, Manual for the Soul calls upon my fellow Millennials to lead the way by discovering your unique form of Enlightenment and harnessing your power to change the world.

• Re-define enlightenment in more modern, achievable terms.
• Unfold the manifestation that is your life to discover that you have been the director all along.
• See experiences from your past with a new perspective that will aid in the unfoldment of your enlightenment.
• Reclaim your power from the dogmas and spiritual traditions of old, and carve your own pathway to the mountaintop.
• Discover your Life Purpose and learn to harness it to help change the world.
• Venture through 21 Simple exercises that help guide you to your awakening.

There’s a wave of change affecting humanity on a planetary scale. Our collective consciousness is transitioning to a higher level, and a new era of awareness, enlightenment, and magic is emerging. The time for you to awaken is now.

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